Juba Airfare
Juba Airfare

Juba Airfare

Juba Airfare – Juba Airport (JUB) serves the capital of South Sudan – the city is in the southern part of the country. It is one of two international airports in South Sudan, the other being Malakal in the north east of Africa’s youngest nation. Various UN humanitarian services operate regular food and medicine relief flights into Juba. Welcome to Economy Travel and book your flight.

Timing is Crucial to Finding Juba Cheap Flights

As our daily group booking activity confirms, now is the perfect time to book your Juba cheap flights. This is because the pricing is so good from Economy Travel. Keep in mind that Africa is not a cheap destination to travel to because of the long-haul travel sectors involved, so good timing is critical. Dial one of these numbers right away so that we can get searching for the best ticket pricing available:

  • Callers in the US: 888-222-2110
  • International callers: 770-290-7730
  • Please note: EST / normal business hours apply in both cases.
Juba Airfare – Opportunity Knocks With Economy Travel

While we cannot promise, sometimes we can hold the seats without you paying for a limited time. Pending actual ticket issue helps while you meet with your group leaders or find ways to raise the money for your ticket. Yet another benefit from using Economy Travel.

Almost 30 Years of Travel Know How

We have moved with the times, but there is no substitute for experience. Our three decades in niche travel places us well in what we do, tracking bargain tickets. You can use this to your advantage simply by contacting Economy Travel to discuss your travel requirements. We assist with humanitarian travel with missionary, church, and group travel bookings.

What Next?

Please complete and submit the Juba Request Form on the right, we’ll get right back to you. You can call in if you prefer. When you book your Juba cheap flights with us, you’ll be using IATA accredited agents with all the built in protection this brings!

Great Advantages with our Missionary Fares

Missionary tickets are 90% of our business, so we know what to do. Our fares are lower than traditional airline pricing, and the travel conditions more lenient. We offer special reductions for children and infants traveling with you, and there’s a generous baggage allowance too.

Routing to Juba, South Sudan

We offer fares on Ethiopian Airlines through Addis Ababa using United Airlines for US domestic connections and Air France through Paris (CDG) using Delta Airlines in the US.

Economy Travel – We’re All For You

We are Economy Travel and we are at your service! Not just a helping hand to book your Juba cheap flights, we go the extra mile every time!

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