Lagos Airfare
Lagos Airfare

Lagos Airfare

Lagos Airfare – Murtala Muhammed International (LOS) is a major airport in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria and is 16 km / 10 mi north of Lagos City Center. Trust Economy Travel’s experienced operators to assist you with your travel plans for your trip to Nigeria, securing the best Lagos cheap flights available.

Planning your Lagos Cheap Flights

Planning your humanitarian travel to any African country/city is not cheap. Great distances are involved, and with creeping fuel costs on the upward trend again, airlines have to cover their expenses. They do this by adjusting ticket pricings. Economy Travel owns the contracts it has in place with several major airlines – imagine the advantages!

Call-in Option for Lagos Airfare

Our knowledgeable agents average 13 years’ of travel experience. They are experts at navigating their way around airline booking systems. To get started call Economy Travel. Ready to sort your Lagos cheap flights for you.

  • Callers in in the US: 888-222-2110
  • Callers from abroad: 770-290-7730
  • (EST applies and we operate normal business hours)
  • City Request Form Option (to the right)

We may not quote live airfares on our website. This is because of operational conditions stipulated by the airlines with which we collaborate. Please complete and submit the Lagos Request Form on the right so that one of our agents can get in contact with you.

The Benefits of Economy Travel Tickets

Use the experts at Economy Travel to get your Lagos cheap flights. Here are some direct benefits you get booking through us:
Baggage: Two to three bags free depending on the airline and destination
Cancellation penalty: From $50.00 to $250.00 depending on the airline
Special discounts: These apply to children traveling in your group.

Understanding Ticketing Issues

How averse are you to risk in life? Sure, you can book air tickets online, but how well do you know the rules? Consider that 90% of our business revolves around issuing humanitarian tickets for Adoption, Missionary, and Group Travel.
We understand the qualifying criteria in place with the airlines. You can look forward to lower than traditional airline pricing through Economy Travel. Travel conditions are more relaxed than the rules applying to normal air travel too.

Routing to Lagos, Nigeria

United Airlines offers direct flights from Houston (IAH) to Lagos with US domestic flights connecting in Houston from most USA cities. Additionally, Delta Airlines operate a non-stop service from Atlanta to Lagos. Look to Economy Travel for great airfares on both carriers!

Key Issues

Before booking, consider these critical travel issues:

  • Is your Passport in order?
  • Do you have the necessary visa/s?
  • Do you meet the health requirements applying to your destination?

Are you ready to book your Lagos cheap flights? We are – call now.

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