Adoption Airfare
Adoption Airfare

Adoption Airfare Information

Adoption Airfare – Are you looking for the lowest adoption airfare? Do you need flexibility of being able to make changes on the outbound and return flights? If so, we kindly ask that you call (888) 222-2110) or fill out the form on the right, as Adoption airfares cannot be sold via live booking engine.

Since 1988, has been arranging international travel for Adoptions, humanitarian aid, church, and mission travel organizations to destinations all around the globe. These special rates are for those traveling for religious, humanitarian or adoption reasons.

Why use for your International Adoption trip?
  • We offer Adoption, Humanitarian fares, Consolidator fares, and Published fares
  • In business since 1988
  • Average agent experience is 12 years
  • We own the airline contracts (special fares), not buying from another travel company
  • We will be cheaper!
Advantages of Adoption Airfare
  • Low rates for as few as 1 person or as many as 100 on a given flight (groups and individuals)
  • Hold the reservation for longer periods of time, sometimes right before departure, so that you can raise money for your trip (if needed)
  • Up to 3 bags for free on some carriers
  • The opportunity to shorten or extend your trip for a small fee
  • Can be booked one-way or round-trip, even originate your travel outside the USA
Discounted International Airfares

We have both Adoption and Consolidator airfare contracts to just about every destination in the world. Because of our volume, we can give you discounts & flexibility, along with expertise.

Group Fares Specialists

Our group department offers specially negotiated rates and automated management of your group transaction Contact us for the best prices! For a quote on a group, please call (888) 222-2110 or fill out the form to the right.

Other types of specialty Groups
  • Church & Non-Profit Groups
  • Study Tours
  • Musical Groups
  • Ministry, Holy Land Groups to Israel
  • Conference & Convention Travel
  • Youth Groups and Cruise Groups

Please call us at (888) 222-2110 or fill out the form.

Adoption Airfare