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Over 90% of Economy Travel’s ticketing focuses on booking discounted airfares for humanitarians group travellers around the world. We are proud to have assisted large numbers of volunteer workers in the following travel categories:

Travel Categories:
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Once you have confirmation of your travel dates, the time is right to book, call one of these numbers to get your search started:

You could also submit the Asia Airfare Request Form to the right and an experienced agent will contact you.

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Asia Airfare Routing

We collaborate with major carriers into Asia. Our agents know their way around the routing options. We own the contracts with the airlines, which means more options for you when negotiating your Asia Airfare pricing. Call one of our experienced agents now and get the answers you seek.

Asian destinations that we offer special discounts:

Auckland, Bangkok, Beijing, Cairns, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dhaka, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kathmandu, Makale, Manila, Melbourne, Nagoya, Osaka, Perth, Quang Zhou, Saigon, Sapporo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tianjin, Tokyo, Xian Yang.


Are experts in our field and have been assisting humanitarian travelers with their airfare requests for many decades.

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