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Lengthy relationships with certain carriers and industry exclusive humanitarian contracts allow us to pass significant savings to our customers.
This depends on your departure date, and the carrier you will be flying with. Your agent will provide you with a ticketing deadline and will work with you to try and accommodate any financial issues that come up. It's always better to pay sooner rather than later because the only 100% guarantee to lock in a fare is to have it ticketed. It's also good to note that taxes and fuel surcharges tend to increase closer to the departure date, and those are out of our control. If your leaving within 30 days, your payment will typically be due in 7-10 days.
Passport: You will need a valid passport to travel internationally. For more information on passports, visit Travel.State.Gov

Visa: Requirements for Visas vary depending on the country. Some countries even require transit Visas. It is best you check with the foreign consulate of the country you are going to, as well as, transit countries.
Exchanges (date change): If fare rules allow for exchanges, a processing fee will be charged along with any airline penalty and fare difference. (varies per carrier, Usually $150 - $350)

Exchanges (destination changes): Usually requires a refund or original ticket, and start over with a new itinerary at current fare level (some exceptions apply, inquire with your agent). Processing and Airline fees will apply.

Transferring ticket to another passenger is not allowed.
Some "sale fare" or "published fare" tickets are non-refundable/non-changeable. If this restrictive type of fare prices lower than our humanitarian fare, we can quote you both and allow you to make the decision. Feel free to inquire about your type of ticket prior to completing the purchase.
If you know you cannot travel, you must cancel or change your tickets PRIOR to the originally scheduled travel date.. Contact your agent via email or call our toll free line (888.222.2110) to begin the cancellation process. A cancellation form could be requested ( All bookings must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If you fail to cancel your ticket, the airline will treat the ticket as a "No Show" and the ticket automatically loses its value; therefore cannot be exchanged nor refunded.

If your departure date falls on a weekend or holiday and our office is closed, you must contact the carrier directly and DEMAND that the seat being held for you is cancelled. Do everything in your power to get the airline representative to send you something in writing stating that the space has been properly canceled prior to the originally scheduled departure time. You should also email the airlines customer service mailbox and CC yourself to have a time-stamped paper-trail of your desire to cancel. Make sure the airline does not label you a "NO SHOW" which will terminate any chances of redeeming value on your ticket.

Missed flights (regardless of reasoning) are considered a "NO SHOW" by the carrier and will result in a forfeit of your ticket. If you suspect that you are not going to make your flight for whatever reason (late to airport, improper travel documents, expired passport, medical situation, car broke down) you need to do everything in your power to make sure the space which has been held for you (commonly referred to as "inventory") is cancelled prior to the departure of the flight. Even if you are in the check-in line at the airport, you will be deemed a "NO SHOW" unless your inventory is canceled prior to departure.
Economy Travel will always send you a full itinerary which includes the passenger name(s) and flights we have reserved for you prior to accepting payment. Once your ticket is issued you will get an automatically generated confirmation email which will again have the passenger name and itinerary displayed. Please carefully review this info, as any changes after 1 business day will incur fees.
Due to our specially priced humanitarian contracts, we cannot provide an online booking engine.
An e-ticket is an electronic ticket which replaces traditional paper tickets. Once you confirm and pay for your itinerary, an electronic ticket is issued and an electronic ticket file is attached to your reservation and can be accessed by the airline(s).

Open-Ended tickets are no longer offered on discount fares, however our humanitarian contracts have flexibility that allows for changing a return date for a reasonable fee.
Yes, we sell one-way tickets to or from the USA from many international destinations. We also can arrange a variety of other international type fares.
Mileage accrual depends on the carrier and the rules of a specific fare. Feel free to ask your agent if your fare qualifies for mileage accrual.
Each airline has their own policies on baggage and you can easily find that info by visiting the airlines website and simply searching for "baggage." Some of our humanitarian contracts allow for additional baggage, don't hesitate to ask one of our agents as we can look that up for you.
Yes, our agents will do everything they can to accommodate any and all requests, and get you the best seat possible (some carriers have begun to charge for pre-assigned seating).
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