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Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) is Kenya's largest facility in the capital, Nairobi. It is 15 km / 9 mi southeast of Nairobi's central business district. We are pleased you found this website and Economy Travel thanks you for visiting. Our main objective is to find cheap and affordable airfares for humanitarian volunteers planning to visit Kenya. If you are traveling to take up Missionary, Humanitarian, Adoption or Group Organization travel, we are qualified and able to assist.

Acknowledged Experts at Your Service
Our expertise in humanitarian travel makes us the natural choice for your Nairobi cheap flights. We are dedicated to assisting you in your search for the best ticket pricing available on flights to Kenya and many other African/World destinations. Routing options also form part of our service, and with an average 13 years’ experience per agant, you can rest assured that you have the very best possible advice.

The Best Nairobi Cheap Flights
Our job is to help you book humanitarian tickets to many destinations around the world, Nairobi included. We may however only offer special rates to those traveling for religious and humanitarian reasons in terms of the conditions set by our airline partners. Our agents track down the most competitive airfares on offer on any given date, thanks to state of art technology at their fingertips.

Best International Airfares to Nairobi
If you are traveling with or on behalf of a church organization and want the lowest airfares, let us weave some magic for you. Our experience with the non-profit community has reached new heights; over the last 12 months, we have received the go-ahead from more than 1,200 organizations relating to ticket purchasing. Why? Our airfares are cheaper than many other websites!

Flexible Booking Options
The best way to cost Nairobi cheap flights is to provide the information on the Nairobi Request Form opposite. One of our experienced agents will respond and explain the options. Alternately, please call one of these two numbers, and remember to ask our agent about travel insurance cover:

  • Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST: 888-222-2110 (USA Callers)
  • Mon-Fri 9am-6pm EST: 770-290-7730 (International Callers)

Routing to Nairobi, Kenya
Economy Travel offers many airline options to Nairobi, including South African Airways through Johannesburg, KLM, and Delta through Amsterdam. British Airways operates through London, and SN Brussels through Brussels. Speak to our expert agent for more details.

Making it Happen!
We offer quick quotes and honest pricing, and this is thanks to the airline contracts we share with several major airlines. Nobody offers better deals than we do, try us and see for yourself! Remember, you can book one-way or round-trip travel with Economy Travel.

Moving Missionaries – Our Top Priority
Get your Nairobi cheap flights to Kenya right here through Economy Travel. It’s all a matter of pride and honor for us!
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