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Traveling or on behalf of a church organization? Looking for the lowest airfare? Welcome to Economy Travel.

Selling Airfare for Church Travelers

If you are traveling on behalf of a church organization and are looking for the lowest airfare, we are here to help you. Welcome to Economy Travel, where we provide church airfare to Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. At Economy Travel, churches are our biggest customer segment. Church airfare groups makes up large percent of our business and we are the largest church airfare agency in the United States. Our church airfare's flexible rules and expertise allow us to offer our travelers the lowest fares possible to most regions of the world such as Latin America and Africa.

Selling Airfare to Church Travelers
We have an unparalleled level of experience with church groups. Last year alone, close to 500 churches planned their humanitarian trips with us! When it comes to church and humanitarian airfare at the lowest prices available, allowing you to save money and put it towards the true purpose of your trip! When our low fares are combined with flexible rules, expertise, and outstanding customer service, it is easy to see why Economy Travel is one of the most trusted names in humanitarian and church airfare! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

Advantages of Humanitarian Airfare

As a traveler on behalf of a church, you qualify for our contracted humanitarian airfares. Below are some of the benefits you qualify for when volunteering your time to do great things. Our expertise with church travelers like yourself, allows us to provide the low fares and flexible rules you need. We help support the humanitarian work that churches do:

  • Low Pricing: Most of the time, our fares are lower than the traditional airfares offered directly at the airline's site or with the large airfare websites. There are times when we are much lower because we do not have advance purchase requirements.
  • Added Flexibility: Those who are traveling using humanitarian airfare are using flexible tickets. This allows everyone to change or cancel their plans if something changes at the last minute, with reduced penalties from airlines, in most cases.
  • Baggage Discounts: There are many cases where humanitarian airfare will allow travelers up to three times the standard amount of luggage before they start to charge for bags. Airlines understand that many travelers who fly using humanitarian airfare are doing charitable work and this requires equipment.
  • Extended Ticketing Times: There are cases where tickets via humanitarian airfare can be held for up to 11 months without commitments. This means that travelers can book early, take advantage of lower prices and avoid penalties.
  • One-Way Tickets Allowed: While most travelers have to pay a premium for one-way tickets, humanitarian airfare provides access to one-way tickets at about half of the price of a round-trip fare.
These are just a few of the numerous benefits that come with humanitarian airfare options.


Are experts in our field and have been assisting humanitarian travelers with their airfare requests for many decades.

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